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 Welcome to Green West Michigan.  
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This is a site for regional "Green" initiatives in the greater Holland/Zeeland area with some additional links to Grand Rapids, Grand Haven and Saugatuck/Douglas. We hope you enjoy this site.  We welcome your input, feedback and suggestions.

Composting Workshops
May 29, 6:00pm, Park Township Hall/Gardens
Jonker's Garden Center ( - 897 Lincoln Ave., Holland - TBD
Topics include where to compost, what to compost, how to compost, and the benefits of composting. 
     Compost Basics from workshop  
Composting Basics Slideshow/PDF
Simple varieties of composting and compost bins
Ken's Compost Bin
Composting Resources
Designs for Compost Bins
BUGS - Food Web of a Compost Pile - BUGS
INSTRUCTOR: Ken Freestone
MSU Master Composter Designation & Delightful Instructor

One of my favorite environmental stewardship practices is Composting.  I consider the miracle of composting to be the original recycling.  Nature does amazing things with organic materials.

To help you with your composting, whether you are a beginner or expert, I have posted some great resources.  Also a quick search on the internet will give you lots of resources.  Enjoy!
Composting Basics - Click Here 
Click here for a link to the kind of bin that I use.  These images show a bin that I built for friends that is made from new materials.  My own bin is made from scrap lumber making it a bit more of a sustainable-recycled material design. 
Here is a link to my compost bin shown in our back yard.  I get about 30 gallons (average garbage can) of compost per month by turning the pile and sifting out the finished compost. Link to my compost bin design.